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Wealth Of Experience

Specific experience of on the job working in smaller FP businesses adding to learning from the breath of financial planners across the globe.


I improved my approach the CFP case study assessment and was shown how to consider the ramifications of my actions.


Calming and friendly helping me organise and clarify my thoughts. A great sounding board to bounce my ideas off.


100% focused on helping me and my business making me a better financial planner. She uses her experience to my benefit and shares the experiences of others to stop me reinventing the wheel.


Never making me feel like an idiot! Always positive and supportive and helped me stay focused and complete my CFP case study assessment. The Assumptions Queen!

Turns Technical Into Plain English

Jackie has such great technical knowledge and is easily able to turn that into plain language. This will help me improve the way I write financial plans in the future.

Jacqueline Lockie CFP™ Chartered FCSI

Certified Financial Planner case study assessment courses & coaching. Planned and structured CFP™ coaching sessions.

Graduate and new entrant off the shelf training. Ethics coaching, mentoring, financial planning training, workshops.

Behind the scenes of your business. Help with your business’s marketing content for your own exclusive use.

New CFP Professionals

We want our profession to bloom! We believe that the future lies with attracting and retaining new paraplanners and financial planners to the profession.  We can also learn from those here now and those who went before us. We play our part by releasing free material to those interested in entering the profession and also those who want to obtain the CFP certification. We will build a library of content, through articles, videos and podcasts, to support those who would like to become CFP professionals.

Case Study Assessment Coach

If you have failed your CFP Level 7 financial plan assessment, we can help you. It can feel demoralising to receive notification of failure of a submission. Have you read the feedback correctly? Have you interpreted it correctly? Would you like guidance on how to go about changing your financial plan to meet the standards? Yes? You’ve come to the right place.

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Client factsheets - focussing on your ideal client type
  • Client newsletters
  • Designing client surveys
  • Content for your own exclusive use.
Content Creation
We love writing articles, blogs, client factsheets and other materials to help you attract and retain clients. We’ve spent years writing for various trade publications and proofing website content. If you would like a little extra help writing some content, get in touch.
Behind The Scenes

We enjoy being behind the scenes helping businesses like yours grow. We bring our extensive experience with many hundreds of financial planning firms both in the UK and elsewhere, to write relevant articles and blogs for your existing and potential clients.