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Jackie worked in financial services since 1988 in both technical and client-facing roles as a paraplanner and planner.

She first started her career at a large insurance company and very quickly was described as having a brain like a sponge!  After passing the initial training programme Jackie was so disappointed with it that she re-wrote it and soon became the main trainer in one of the main manual quotations departments.  Having an eye for detail as well as the ability to explain complex things in plain English were two of her main traits.


Jackie joined the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) as the Director of Training and Education in 1999.
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Jackie started her financial planning career in the mid-1990s when she realised that she could use her skills to help the public understand more about financial services, so Jackie embarked upon several paraplanning and advising roles where she was responsible for creating financial plans using cashflow and analysis software to get the best fit of products and services to meet clients’ needs.

Jackie joined the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) as the Director of Training and Education in 1999.  She wrote the profession’s first paraplanner job description and the first paraplanner training manual and delivered the very early paraplanner training courses.  Jackie was also the caretaker of the global Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP) standards in the UK for three years.  During her time at the IFP Jackie developed a foundation course in financial planning helping to hone the spreadsheet and planning skills of those advisers who attended, was a CFP assessor and trained one-day and the four-day CFP fast track courses.

Latterly, Jackie spent over four years at the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI) as deputy head and subsequently head of financial planning, overseeing the re-engineering of the new Certified Financial PlannerTM pathway and writing and speaking out on financial planning matters as well as working with the international financial planning community to develop a global guidance note for all CFPTM professionals on vulnerable clients.

Jackie now runs her own consultancy business for financial planning firms which includes a YouTube channel and podcasts called ‘Your Financial Planning Maestro’ and a journal of blogs and articles all free to access. Her aim is to help financial planners with the support they need to become CFPTM professionals. Jackie has also designed a successful off-the-shelf new entrant training scheme specifically designed for those small and medium financial planning businesses which are looking for a complete pathway of training to support the next generation of financial planning professionals and business owners.

Jackie is a very experienced speaker and can be hired for conferences, filming and training professionals in all things financial planning-related.  

Please note: Both Jackie and Lockie Consultants does not offer financial advice to the public.  If you require such advice, please go to FPSB Member Organizations | FPSB to find a CFP member organisation in your country.