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We support financial planning professionals studying for the Certified Financial Planner certification in the UK. 
We partner with small and medium sized financial planning firms to build and manage clear career pathways.

CISI Level 7 case study assessment courses which enable you to become a Certified Financial Planner professional in the UK. 

Graduate and new entrant off the shelf training.  Ethics coaching, mentoring, financial planning training, workshops. 

We have some free materials to give you a feel for what’s involved in creating a financial plan to meet the assessment standards. Feel free to browse through them. For more comprehensive help, please book a course.


What is financial planning? Why is it so important that we provide the right training for the right people…

What is the Certified Financial Planner designation? How does it work, and what are the benefits?  There are a few possible options.

By Jacqueline Lockie CFP™
Jackie worked in financial services since 1988 in both technical and client-facing roles as a paraplanner and planner. Described as having a brain like a sponge!

CISI L7 case study assessment courses and 1:2:1 coaching along with more general financial planning training and mentoring.

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How I help financial planning businesses?

Watch my latest video. We have lots to offer small and medium sized financial planning businesses as well as individuals who want to gain the Certified Financial Planner certification in the UK.

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