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CFP resourses

We have some free materials to give you a feel for what’s involved in creating a financial plan to meet the assessment standards. Feel free to browse through them. For more comprehensive help, please book a course.

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We Offer

Assessment Courses & Coaching

1. Free content – To get an idea of what is required to complete your financial plan assessment.

2. Online CFP Fast Track Course – A live online course with full instructional videos and written materials all brought together in one place for you you to use during our four-day course together.

PLUS one post-course individual 1:2:1 coaching session with Jackie to help you finish your CFP case study submission.

3. Supported Learning Course– An online course with full instructional videos, written materials, podcasts and links to additional learning material all brought together in one place for you to study at you own pace and in your own time.

PLUS three live group sessions to help answer any questions along the way and keep you on tack.

PLUS two individual 1:2:1 coaching sessions with Jackie to help you finish your CFP case study submission. 

4.Need extra 1:2:1 help? We offer an intensive 4 hours of 1:2:1 coaching if you are currently signed up for one of our courses. 

5. Ad hoc help  In additional to all that we can help once you have attended one of our level 7 courses or other L7 course.  We can help you get your thinking and process of approach straightened out or answer any questions you have about your own case study. Our 1:2:1 coaching is not intended to replace the level 7 intensive course.

What happens if you aren’t successful in passing this submission?

As you know, you get three opportunities to submit your financial plan for assessment. We can help you if you are unsuccessful with your CISI L7 case study financial plan submission. We cannot do it for you, but we can challenge your thinking and approach and set you on a better track to success. We can use our extensive experience to help interpret the feedback letter and agree on what needs attention and where your energies should be concentrated.

1:2:1 case study assessment coaching for those who have failed their Certified Financial Planner CISI Level 7 case study financial plan submission.  We are available to help you in 30 or 60 mins sessions.

We will work with you to turn your feedback into actionable items that will allow you to put in the extra work needed to resubmit. 

We Can:
  • Make clear what the feedback letter is telling you.
  • Ensure you understand where you’ve gone wrong and what you need to do to fix it.
  • Suggest sources of relevant information that will give you practical help to brush up and gaps in your technical knowledge.
  • Set a clear path ahead so you can schedule the amendments in time to resubmit before the deadline.
  • Challenge your thinking if we believe that you are technically inaccurate or have not understood all that assessment criteria that you are being assessed upon.
  • Talk through your options that you come up with on how to fix the issues in your submission.
  • Give you methods to check and mark your resubmission to give yourself a good grounding and comfort that you have made big strides to meet the standards required.
  • Set and agree actions and order on the approach we think you should take when making changes that is specific to you based on your individual feedback.
  • Hold you to account on your commitment to resubmit.

“Jackie recently supported me in preparation of the CFP Case Study Submission which is by far the most complex, detailed and consuming piece of study I have ever done. Our sessions helped me zone out, calm down, organise my thoughts and push through.” Shona B. Managing Director.

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Your Financial Planning Symphony

Career Pathway

The graduate/new entrant training scheme

This scheme has been designed based on international research. The scheme is an architectural scheme i.e. it gives detail on all that needs to happen by way of new entrant training on skills, knowledge and behaviours. It is set out in 12 categories and is designed to take a new entrant through to become a Certified Financial Planner in 7 years. It provides the structure, highlights the recommended training courses for both skills and knowledge development, sets out what is required by the lead planner/business owner and other staff. This ensures that the new entrant sees themselves progressing along the categories. It can accommodate CII, PMA and CISI exams along the way and does include specialisms such as STEP exams as well.

Learn Faster On The Job

So many training schemes concentrate on just obtaining exams, often with some ad-hoc skills training added towards the end of the scheme. We have designed ours differently. Our emphasis is on how to recruit the right person by identifying their natural traits, explaining your firm’s vision and ensures that the new team member gains hands-on experience at an early stage so can learn faster on the job and gain technical knowledge at the same time. There are books, courses and exams all to take as the firm sees fit.

Wealth of Good Courses
We draw on a wealth of good courses and exam materials from around the profession. We do have some specific training courses to help, but by and large, we seek out the best practice examples of courses readily available. Lockie Consultants does not receive any inducements or incentives for adding in or excluding any course or exam from the scheme. We select what we think is the best overall fit to maximise the benefits for your firm and your new entrant.
Get in Touch

Your new team members could be the future your buyer of your business. We can help get them ready for that too when the time comes.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help your business bloom. Book a 30-minute free consultation by using the form on our Get in Touch page. We look forward to sharing all our wealth of experience and insights with you.

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