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I’m receiving an increasing number of questions about the logistics of obtaining Certified Financial PlannerTM Certification in the UK so thought that I would answer all the questions here for you.

1. Can I obtain Chartered status by passing the CFP cert in the UK?

Yes, you can, once you have passed and logged 12 months CPD on the CISI system (or imported it from CII). Contact CISI customer support team for all the details.

2. I have passed my level 4 regulatory qualifications, can I take the case study now and the level 6 exam later in the year?

No, you need to pass the level 6 exam first before sitting the level 7 case study.

3. How often is the level 6 exam?

There are two sittings per year in March and Sept – see here for dates and entry details.

4. Are there sample level 6 exam papers available for me to look at?

Yes, here.

5. Is there training for the level 6 exam?

Yes, there are CISI Accredited Training Partners that offer training courses for this exam. Also NextGen Planners also offer training too (which is free to members).

6. I am already a Chartered Financial Planner with CII, can I get any exemptions?

Yes, you can obtain an exemption from sitting the level 6 exam by passing the Practice of Financial Planning Professional Assessment instead. You can then move straight on to the level 7 case study in the next quarterly window.

7. I have passed the level 6 exam/CISI Practice of Financial Planning Professional Assessment, what next?

You can now apply for your level 7 case study. You don’t need to apply straight away if you don’t want to.

8. Do I need to buy a level 7 case study within a set time window?

No. Once you have passed the level 6 exam or claimed the exemption, you can delay buying your case study for as long as you wish. There is currently no time limit.

9. Where can I read more about what is required for the level 7 case study financial plan assessment?

Click here.

10. Is there training for the level 7 case study assessment?

Yes, I run in-depth training for that. See my website for free resources and all the course options and dates. All courses come with both group and 1:2:1 support.

11. Can I go it alone and submit my level 7 case study or is training compulsory?

Training is not compulsory and you can go it alone and create your financial plan if you wish. I wouldn’t recommend it and I personally don’t know anyone who has passed without either a course or individual 1:2:1 help after failing their first submission.

12. Do I have to pass the level 7 case study on the first submission?

No, you have up to three submissions to pass using that case study. You will receive feedback from CISI and then have up to 10 weeks to fix the issues.

13. How long do I have to create a financial plan based on the CISI case study?

You have 10 weeks. The CISI then take 12 weeks to mark it before issuing your results.

14. What is the pass mark of the level 7 case study?

You need to gain a minimum of 51% in EACH Learning Outcome PLUS an overall aggregate score of at least 65%.

15. Once I have passed my level 7 case study, do I automatically become a CFP professional?

No. You will be sent a CFP application from to complete and there is a fee to be paid too. Once that is completed and processed, you will become a CFP professional.

16. Do I need to renew my CFP certification or can I lapse my CISI membership in the future?

In order to continue to call yourself a CFP professional and use the CFP marks, you do need to maintain your membership every year.

17. How do I embark on the process?

You need to check your eligibility with CISI by completing this online form. 

Do you have further questions, or want to find out more? Get in touch.