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Have you been unsuccessful with your CFP case study assessment submission?
A YouTube video by Jacqueline Lockie. 
JL: Hello and welcome, I‘m Jackie Lockie your financial planning maestro[TM].  
I’ve just come off the phone after having a great conversation with somebody who was unsuccessful on their first attempt at passing their certified financial planner license case study assessment.  It’s a tough thing to get through anyway, but they weren’t successful on that first attempt. They had a feedback letter and they weren’t very happy, very demoralised, finding it very hard to find a way through all the feedback that was presented to them, about the things they need to fix
So we talked through what happened, how they approached the case study. I offered them some support and confidence so they could get through it. When we came to the end of our conversation they wanted to know about the next steps and how specifically I can help them.  We discussed a number of different things; first of all, looking at the feedback letter so we could see exactly what had gone on and exactly what the CFP assessors were unhappy about. After that, we devised a strategy of how they were going to rectify all those different pieces, and also in the particular order that would be best in order to maximise their chances of being successful on their second attempt
We also have to be mindful of the resubmission deadline to make sure that they could get their plan ready and fixed in time to be reassessed in the next window. And perhaps one of the most important things that I can do is that I can hold them to account something is very important and actually having somebody who’s in your corner fighting your corner with you can really help with giving you the confidence boost after receiving that kind of news
So if you find yourself in a similar situation and you would like a bit of help and support from me please go to my website lockieconsultants.com click on the links and let’s have a free half-hour catch up and see where you’re at. See you again soon, bye.

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